Monthly Archive: September 2012

RTM’s Top 5 Reasons to Watch Reality TV

OK, I’ll admit it! This morning, when I should have been working, I watched reality television…and yes, I was wearing fuzzy pink slippers, and I snacked on cookies (Pecan Sandies) while kicking back in my most comfortable living room chair. And guess what? I don’t feel guilty. As a matter of fact, I feel energized and inspired after watching last night’s episode of  The Voice, which I missed because I worked through the evening. Thank…
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10 Surefire Confidence Boosters You Can Try Today!

Past experiences, the things people say,  even the everyday challenges of life can chip away at our ability to achieve our dreams and goals. ..unless we have confidence. Confidence gives us the courage to visualize change and take risks necessary to get us there. But  let’s face it, every MaeB won’t feel confident about everything in every situation, every day. The good news is there are things we can do to build confidence. I was…
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The Downside of Down Time


In the cool–sometimes cruel–world of entrepreneurship, there’s a (sometimes dangerous) thing called down time. “The hours when I’m not planning or building or otherwise thinking about my new business are few and far between. I’m working just as hard, maybe even harder, than I did when working for someone else,” says new Entrepreneur/Author Chanel Reynolds. However today, Chanel took the time to read an interesting article tweeted by celebrity Star Jones (The American lawyer chick…
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Entrepreneur Scores With Sorority Chic

If you want something done right, then it just might pay to do it yourself. That’s what entrepreneur Janece Kerr discovered in 2010 when she launched The Couture Soror, her thriving apparel company, which specializes in high-fashion sorority garments for members of the Divine Nine Greek letter organizations. In less than two years—and despite the prevailing, challenged economy—she took her business from concept to sought-after brand by satisfying and staying true to her own demands…
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Change Your Eating Habits in 7 Days

“I’m  thinking about becoming a vegetarian.” I’ve heard it countless times from friends, family members, associates and acquaintances looking for motivation to eat right and conquer the diet portion of the healthy lifestyle equation. (Let’s chat about the other half of this equation, exercise, a little later…I can be a major procrastinator in this areaJ). A Flirtation with Vegetarianism In October 2008, as I approached my annual 34th birthday, I noticed that the back pleat of…
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Does it Pay to be an Angel?

Meet Angel Stevenson. Thirty-five years ago, just seconds after her birth–which happened after exactly 30 minutes of labor and two long pushes–Angel’s mother took one look at the swirl of fine curls on top of the newborn’s head and knew she had been blessed with the task of raising someone special. In Pursuit of Perfection Only the best would do for little Angel.  Private schools.  Fancy vacations (so what if the family survived mostly on Ramen…
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