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Entrepreneur Scores With Sorority Chic

If you want something done right, then it just might pay to do it yourself. That’s what entrepreneur Janece Kerr discovered in 2010 when she launched The Couture Soror, her thriving apparel company, which specializes in high-fashion sorority garments for members of the Divine Nine Greek letter organizations. In less than two years—and despite the prevailing, challenged economy—she took her business from concept to sought-after brand by satisfying and staying true to her own demands…
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The Job That Ate Linda’s Life


Linda wants to make a change. She can’t pinpoint what type of change she wants to tackle first, or outline the steps she needs to get there. All she knows is she’s in a rut and wants out. “I would love to start my own business but I don’t know what I would do…something cool,” she says.Linda is single, without children. This former model once dreamed of producing fashion shows. But today, she holds a…
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