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RTM’s Top 5 Reasons to Watch Reality TV

OK, I’ll admit it! This morning, when I should have been working, I watched reality television…and yes, I was wearing fuzzy pink slippers, and I snacked on cookies (Pecan Sandies) while kicking back in my most comfortable living room chair. And guess what? I don’t feel guilty. As a matter of fact, I feel energized and inspired after watching last night’s episode of  The Voice, which I missed because I worked through the evening. Thank…
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10 Surefire Confidence Boosters You Can Try Today!

Past experiences, the things people say,  even the everyday challenges of life can chip away at our ability to achieve our dreams and goals. ..unless we have confidence. Confidence gives us the courage to visualize change and take risks necessary to get us there. But  let’s face it, every MaeB won’t feel confident about everything in every situation, every day. The good news is there are things we can do to build confidence. I was…
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Re-Claim Your Creativity in 5 Easy Steps

Whether you are a sculptor, an entrepreneur looking to market the next best product, or a single mom planning the family’s weekly menu, your creative spirit can help you become a standout in the crowd.    Finding new ways to express ourselves and solve day-to-day problems is a big part of what makes us unique as individuals. Everyone has creative potential.  Yet it is easy to fall into a rut, which can make us feel as…
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