Personality profiles and success stories on those who took a leap of faith and followed their dreams.

Chicago Jazz Vocalist Launches Debut CD

For jazz vocal stylist Tracye Smith, discovering her life’s delight was easy. “Singing has always been my passion. My first performance was at 8 years old,” she said. Since then, Smith found herself singing (and loving the attention performing brings) at informal gatherings, and weddings, and political fundraisers, and with the Trinity United Church of Christ Women’s Chorus. Yet the idea of earning a living with her vocal talent was never a serious consideration…until recently.…
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Entrepreneur Mom Opens Second Chicago Eatery

It’s the stuff many Monday morning fantasies are made of: Hardworking yet unappreciated Mae B. tells overbearing, micro-manager to shove it (using more or less inflammatory words). Then with much dramatic flair, the Mae B. storms out of the business forever, leaving things to fall apart…which, of course,  they do, because in most variations of this fantasy, the wronged worker’s departure starts a chain reaction of bad karma-induced misfortunes.  Meanwhile, the Mae B. sails off to limitless…
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Concert Review: The Jacksons Unity Tour 2012

 Sometimes you just have to go for what you know! Jackie, Marlon, Tito and Jermaine Jackson proved just that, when they rocked Merrillville, Indiana’s Star Plaza Theatre with a blinged-out, sweat-pumping stage show that made it impossible for even the men in the audience to stay in their seats and away from the stage. From the first booming bars of “Can You Feel It” to the funky last notes of “Shake Your Body Down (to…
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