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Advice for the Broken-Hearted

Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined my lifestyle would revolve around the facts that I am single and I don’t have children.  But it is what it is…and today, I’m not sure I have regrets. I have my own place; plenty of friends; one big, fuzzy cat; and two beautiful nieces—niecey-poo and niece-a-lina—who I adore.  My schedule is my own. And in many cases, eliminating drama from my life is as easy as getting…
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Working Late Presents an Impossible Choice

The moment of truth arrived in what seemed like warped speed. Roxie had already clicked the snooze button on her computer’s calendar twice, but she knew it would be another hour before she could leave the office. Her morning started like most other days of the week. Roxie woke at 5 a.m., after exactly five hours of sleep. She sat on the side of the bed for 15 minutes, ready to make an early morning…
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