Column that follows entrepreneur Chanel Reynolds and her friends as they navigate the prevailing tough economy.

The Downside of Down Time


In the cool–sometimes cruel–world of entrepreneurship, there’s a (sometimes dangerous) thing called down time. “The hours when I’m not planning or building or otherwise thinking about my new business are few and far between. I’m working just as hard, maybe even harder, than I did when working for someone else,” says new Entrepreneur/Author Chanel Reynolds. However today, Chanel took the time to read an interesting article tweeted by celebrity Star Jones (The American lawyer chick…
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Does it Pay to be an Angel?

Meet Angel Stevenson. Thirty-five years ago, just seconds after her birth–which happened after exactly 30 minutes of labor and two long pushes–Angel’s mother took one look at the swirl of fine curls on top of the newborn’s head and knew she had been blessed with the task of raising someone special. In Pursuit of Perfection Only the best would do for little Angel.  Private schools.  Fancy vacations (so what if the family survived mostly on Ramen…
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Working Late Presents an Impossible Choice

The moment of truth arrived in what seemed like warped speed. Roxie had already clicked the snooze button on her computer’s calendar twice, but she knew it would be another hour before she could leave the office. Her morning started like most other days of the week. Roxie woke at 5 a.m., after exactly five hours of sleep. She sat on the side of the bed for 15 minutes, ready to make an early morning…
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The Job That Ate Linda’s Life


Linda wants to make a change. She can’t pinpoint what type of change she wants to tackle first, or outline the steps she needs to get there. All she knows is she’s in a rut and wants out. “I would love to start my own business but I don’t know what I would do…something cool,” she says.Linda is single, without children. This former model once dreamed of producing fashion shows. But today, she holds a…
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