Re-Claim Your Creativity in 5 Easy Steps

Whether you are a sculptor, an entrepreneur looking to market the next best product, or a single mom planning the family’s weekly menu, your creative spirit can help you become a standout in the crowd.   

Finding new ways to express ourselves and solve day-to-day problems is a big part of what makes us unique as individuals. Everyone has creative potential.  Yet it is easy to fall into a rut, which can make us feel as though we are not (or no longer) creative.   

I learned this lesson from personal experience. As a writer, I dream of framing stories like no one else and choosing just the right wording to make my articles interesting reads. However, after years of writing newsletters at a very conservative company, I had become a victim of groupthink. My writing—which once flowed with a cadence I believed was all my own—had morphed into the singular voice of the company. I found myself in a rut.

I wanted my writing to sparkle and tantalize readers; to stand out in the crowd. So, I started my journey to reclaim my creativity. Six months later, I’ve learned that “creativity” is a lifestyle that incorporates the following steps:

  1. Get Organized:  Clear the clutter from your mind by putting everything you own in its proper place. From closets to desk drawers to your car glove box, eliminating clutter can bring more efficiency to your life and allows you to think freely (without having to pause to search for misplaced items) as you go about your day. 
  2. Take Inventory:  Keep a running list of everything you appreciate in life. Then use that list to identify your creative inspiration. Stay focused on the people and things you love and watch your creativity, as well as the positive energy in your life, soar.
  3. Get Outside:  Set aside at least 10 minutes for a daily stroll. Walking can expose you to sights, sounds and people you won’t find at home or in your office. Allow yourself to observe your surroundings with interest and let your thoughts flow.
  4. Read Fiction:  Reading can help keep your mind active, while fiction can exercise your imagination. Test your creativity quotient by describing how you envisioned a particular character or scene to a friend who read the same book and discussing your creative differences.
  5. Select a Soundtrack:  Music adds color and spice to life. Create your own playlist using songs from your past that make you feel good, as well as songs from artists who are new to you. Listen to this list often for inspiration and motivation.

Creativity, I’ve learned, is an ongoing process that just about anyone can adopt. Start small, and as your creative journey evolves, pay attention to your personal growth. Enjoy re-connecting with your creative spirit!

What do you do to re-connect with your creative side. Please share your tips by responding below.

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