‘Real Husbands’ is a Real Winner!

Real Husbands of Hollywood Cast

My television stopped tuning into BET many moons ago.

I can’t recall the day when I decided I couldn’t stomach another raunchy music video, or lame sitcom, or tired drama from that network’s cable signal. But when I split with BET, I never looked back.

The BET Awards couldn’t bring me back—I forget to watch them every year.  I tried watching their 2009 tribute to Michael Jackson but even that didn’t hold my attention past the second commercial break (and I love me some MJ).

I ignored BET for years…until now. I have discovered The Real Husbands of Hollywood, starring comedian Kevin Hart and his slap-happy posse of boyzaters:  Boris Kodjoe, Duane Martin, Robin Thicke, J.B. Smoove and Nick Cannon. And my DVR is set.

This show is laugh-out-loud hilarious!

Now in its first season, Real Husbands is a scripted comedy that parodies reality franchise the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Basketball Wives.  Hart, with co-creator Chris Spencer, based this series on a set of successful skits that aired during the 2011 BET Awards. Viewers wanted more, so Hart and the network responded.

Real Husbands offers a humorous peek at a small circle of Hollywood entertainers—each married to even more successful Gen X starlets—as they negotiate the real and manufactured dramas that unfold during the filming of a fictitious reality series.

Fast-moving plots peppered with envy, betrayal, irrational emotional outbursts  and a liberal sprinkling  of face slaps, drive each episode’s theme:  Hart is sometimes misunderstood, often hampered by insecurity,  and can always be counted on to stir things up with his ego.  Yet somehow, and in spite of these elements, which make so many “unscripted” reality shows tragic, the Real Husbands deliver witty with genuine class.

Watching is like eavesdropping on real-life black guys, but funnier.

BET has finally delivered an authentic lifestyle comedy (minus the mansions, and the expensive sports cars, and the acquaintances with guest mega-stars like Jay Leno and Jack Nicholson) that won’t embarrass most African Americans…well, at least not any more than HBO’s super-funny Curb Your Enthusiasm may have raised eyebrows in the Jewish community.

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